STTC Test Laboratory

Independent textiles testing laboratory

STLA - Scottish Textile & Leather Association

We at STTC Test Laboratory is equipped to test a wide range of materials. On instruction, we can test a wide range of materials in our dedicated laboratory in Glasgow to give you results you can rely on.

Meticulous attention to detail for accuracy

Traditional textile testing

Our professional fabric testing service will provide you with results on a number of factors, such as colour fastness, flammability and many others.


Get an accurate profile of a variety of materials before you use them.

Paper and plastic testing

Before you make use of a material, it is prudent to determine its qualities so you can know what to expect.


Come to us to ensure the materials are thoroughly tested before use. We will provide a report on the qualities.  

Textile testing Paper and plastic testing

We are a professional testing laboratory that operates independently, which ensures that you can trust our results.

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Professional and experienced technicians working from our Glasgow laboratory.

Modern laboratory facilities

We are trusted by various industries throughout the UK, EU and Far East and have many loyal customers.




STTC premises Testing facilities inside the lab