STTC Test Laboratory

Independent textiles testing laboratory

STLA - Scottish Textile & Leather Association

If you require detailed knowledge of the capabilities of paper and plastic materials before you make use of them, come to us for effective testing. All testing is carried out by our professional technicians in our modern laboratory.

Wide range of paper and plastic testing

Paper and plastic testing

Consultancy and testing

We are experts in our field, which allows us to offer consultancy services as well as extensive testing. Call us to discuss.

Wide testing procedure

We carry out chemical analysis tests, material composition tests as well as many others in between to give you an accurate picture of the items.

We are equipped to carry out regular testing work and can offer discounts where you instruct us regularly.  

Regular work completed

We make the process easy: start by giving us a call or sending us as email regarding your requirements.


We will give you a quote and complete the materials analysis, as needed.

Simple procedure

We know that the properties of paper and plastic play a major part in how you use them. Let us give you a definitive report to guide you in your actions.

The extensive range of testing procedures that we carry out range from the thickness and smoothness of paper to the gas and water permeability of plastic. Come to us for a detailed analysis with the results provided in a timely manner.

Do you need to know what paper or plastic is capable of?

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