STTC Test Laboratory

Independent textiles testing laboratory

STLA - Scottish Textile & Leather Association

The properties of textiles increas in importance when it comes to the use of them in the medical industry – we understand this only too well. Our Glasgow laboratory contains the latest equipment and is kept to the highest standard, which will ensure accurate results.

Full range of medical textiles tested

All requests considered

Tailored testing service

We will carry out the testing you require in accordance with how you make use of the material, ensuring that it is fit for purpose.

Various industries

If you manufacture medical textiles or disposables for operating theatres, we can assist with your testing requirements.

Call or email us to discuss possible discounts on contract or high volume work.

Contract and volume work

If you need the testing of a material that you do not see referenced on our website, feel free to contact us with your requirements.


We are sure that we will be able to meet your needs.

Happy to hear from you

We offer the essential service of testing medical textiles, ensuring that fabric items used in the medical field are fit for purpose.

The medical industry makes use of many different examples of textiles and we can assist with testing them all. From compresses and bandages to gowns and bedding, let us know what you need analysed.

Wide range of medical materials tested

Testing solutions in bottles Tests being carried out on medical fabrics